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Archaeological Testing of 38CH463, 38CH1774, 38CH1775, and 38CH1777 and Assessment of Grimball's Causeway and Manigault's Siege Line (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ralph Bailey. Brent Lansdell. Scott Butler. Charles F. Phillips Jr..

Brockington and Associates, Inc., undertook testing investigations at 38CH463, 38CH1774, 38CH1775, and 38CH1777 on the Grimball Farms Tract in January - March 2004. We recommend sites 38CH463 and 38CH1777 not eligible for the NRHP. We recommend sites 38CH1774 and 38CH1775 eligible for the NRHP. These sites cannot be preserved and development activities at these sites will have an adverse effect on the sites. We recommend data recovery excavations at 38CH1774 and 38CH1775 to mitigate the...