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The Application of Reflectance Spectroscopy to Chert Provenance of Mississippian Symbolic Weaponry (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ryan Parish.

Dissertation that examines the non-destructive application of visible/near-infrared and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to chert sourcing. The study also examines the provenance of material used to manufacture a sample of Middle Mississippian sword-form bifaces.

The Application of Relfectance Spectroscopy to Chert Provenance of Mississippian Symbolic Weaponry
PROJECT Uploaded by: Ryan Parish

Determination of the source of chert artifacts ties past peoples to specific locations on the landscape either through direct or indirect procurement strategies allowing researchers to visualize interactions with both resources and people. However, due to inherent variability accurate provenance data often remains elusive. The reliance upon chert provenance data obtained through macroscopic techniques is problematic and emphasizes the importance of continued research and development of...

Chert Spectral Database (2013)
DATASET Ryan Parish.

The spreadsheet consists of three booklets. The first reports all visible/near-infrared spectra recorded on all 1,050 chert samples analyzed in the project. The second reports all middle-infrared reflectance spectra recorded for the 1,050 chert samples. The third booklet reports both visible/near-infrared and middle-infrared spectra non-destructively recorded upon 30 Mississippian sword-form biface artifacts. Rows represent an individual sample/artifact while columns are the wavelength...

Chert Spectral Database (2013)
DATASET Citation Only Ryan Parish.

Chert spectral database collected from over 1,000 Lower St. Louis "Dover" and Fort Payne chert samples. Database used to evaluate the chert provenance application of both VNIR and FTIR reflectance spectroscopy techniques. The spectral data was also used to characterize the source for 30 Mississippian chert sword-form bifaces.