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Akins_Northern Rio Grande_Biological Data Sources_Table 2 (2011)
DATASET Nancy Akins.

This table presents Akins' sources of biological data throughout the Northern Rio Grande area. It presents site names, occupation periods, number of burials, and published references.

Akins_Northern Rio Grande_Mortuary Data Sources_Table 1 (2011)
DATASET Nancy Akins.

This table presents Akins' sources for mortuary feature data throughout the northern Rio Grande area. It includes site names, occupation periods, number of burials, and published reference.

Akins_Northern Rio Grande_Mortuary Patterns_Table 3 (2011)
DATASET Nancy Akins.

In this table, Akins presents a summary of mortuary patterns in her burial sample from 13 sites in the Northern Rio Grande area. She provides summary data for the following variables: burial location, flexion, position, orientation, and non-perishable burial goods

Akins_Northern Rio Grande_Paper_Exploring Mortuary Variability in the Northern Rio Grande (2011)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Nancy Akins.

The Pueblo Indians who live in the Northern Rio Grande belong to several distinct linguistic groups and their cultural differences may be reflected in past burial practices. With a few notable exceptions, much of the older data on Northern Rio Grande burials is presented as summaries without regards to age or sex and without definitions of exactly what is meant by the terms used to describe even basic treatment such as orientation and body position. Thus, the typical level of reporting is...

Nambe fauna (2005)
DATASET Nancy Akins.

Fauna recovered from LA 103919, a Late Developmental period site near Nambe.

Pena Blanca faunal remains
PROJECT Uploaded by: Nancy Akins

Faunal data from a data recovery excavation at six sites located along NM 22 near Pena Blanca. The excavations were done by the Office of Archaeological Studies and the Office of Contract Archaeology. Sites with faunal data range from Early Developmental to Classic.

Southwest Mortuary Database Project: 2011 SAA E-Session: Mortuary Practices in the American Southwest: Meta-Data Issues in the Development of a Regional Database
PROJECT Gordon Rakita. M Scott Thompson.

The study of prehistoric mortuary practices in the American Southwest is undergoing tremendous change in the new millennium. The challenges (and opportunities) of NAGPRA implementation, declines in the number of large samples being excavated, and loss of data from previously excavated samples have altered mortuary archaeology in the region. Given this state of affairs, the development of an integrated regional database of prehistoric mortuary practices is imperative. This session at the 76th...