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City Size Data for Postclassic Mesoamerica (2017)
DATASET Michael Smith.

Total site areas, epicenter areas, and population estimates for Postclassic Mesoamerican cities, presented in various publications by Michael E. Smith and others.

Paleoethnobotany of Otumba
PROJECT Emily McClung de Tapia.

Analysis of macrobotanical remains recovered from excavations in the Aztec city-state of Otumba (Mexico State, Mexico) in 1988 and 1989. Emily McClung de Tapia (Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas, UNAM) directed the botanical analysis. The excavations were directed by Thomas Charlton (University of Iowa) and Deborah L. Nichols (Dartmouth College). Boris Aramis Aguilar and Rebeca Rodriguez Bejarano carried out the preliminary analysis of the specimens. Associated project resources are:...

Paleoethnobotany of Otumba 2. Results of macrobotanical analysis
DATASET Uploaded by: Michelle Elliott

Paleoethnobotany of Otumba: This table lists the results of the macrobotanical analysis for each sample that is listed in the "Flotation Samples Processed" table (resource 1).

Paleoethnobotany of Otumba1. Flotation Samples Processed Dataset
DATASET Uploaded by: Michelle Elliott

This is a list of the sediment samples that were collected and floted for macrobotanical analysis. The results of the analysis are found in the "Results of macrobotanical analysis" table (resource 2). For the Paleoethnobotany of Otumba project

Postclassic City Size Metadata (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Smith.

Metadata for the associated excel file containing settled area, epicenter area, and population estimates for Postclassic Mesoamerican cities.

Settlement data from the 1960-1975 Basin of Mexico Surveys (2014)
DATASET Scott Ortman.

Data analyzed in Ortman, S. G., A. H. F. Cabaniss, J. Sturm, and L. M. A. Bettencourt, The Pre-History of Urban Scaling, PLOS ONE (Feb. 2014).

Settlement Scaling and Increasing Returns in an Ancient Society (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Scott Ortman.

Main text and SI of published paper in PDF format. The SI includes a series of datasets derived from the Basin of Mexico surveys that are analyzed in the main text.

Social Reactors Project datasets
PROJECT Uploaded by: Scott Ortman

Datasets from various publications of the Social Reactors Project