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Appraisal of the Archeological and Paleontological Resources of the Jamestown Reservoir North Dakota: Supplement (1953)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard P. Wheeler.

Archeological and paleontological investigations were conducted in the Jamestown Resevoir area, Stutsman and Foster Counties, North Dakota, by field units of the Missouri Basin Project, Smithsonian Institution, in 1946, 1947, 1952. In a five-day preliminary survey, August 27-31, 1946, J. Joseph Bauxar and Paul L. Cooper, archeologists, located seven archeological sites in the resevoir area (Bauxar, 1947). In August, 1947, Theodore E. White, paleontologist, and John C. Donohoe, assistant, found...

Missouri Basin Chronology Program Statements Nos. 1-5 (1964)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Smithsonian Institution, Missouri Basin Project.

This document includes the first five chronology program statements for the Missouri Basin Project. The Program, as it now stands, was developed during the winter of 1958 by the Personnel of the Missouri Basin Project, Smithsonian Institution; the laboratory of Anthropology, University of Nebraska; and the Nebraska State Historical Society; all of Lincoln, Nebraska; and the National Park Service, Region Two Office, in Omaha, Nebraska. Concern for an over-all program of chronology grew out of an...