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Scanned Asset Key, Wabash Floodplain Archaeological Survey N.D. (2012)
DATASET Veterans Curation Program.

This is the scanned asset key for the Wabash Floodplain Archaeological Survey N.D. collection stored at the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Indiana University.

Wabash Floodplain Archaeological Survey N.D.
PROJECT US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District. US Army Corps of Engineers Mandatory Center of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections, St. Louis District. Thomas Green.

The Veterans Curation Program utilizes the standard archival practice of unique naming of collections. The purpose of this practice is to avoid redundant and confusing collection names commonly found with archaeological investigations. Therefore, this collection is referred to as “Wabash Floodplain Archaeological Survey N.D.” This name is consistent throughout the finding aid, the file folder, and the box labels. The extent of this collection is a quarter (0.25) of a linear inch. The Wabash...