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Broglio Site, IL (11WM80) Faunal Database REVISED 2 (2016)
DATASET Steven Kuehn.

Middle/Late Archaic and Late Archaic faunal assemblage from the Broglio Site (11WM80), Williamson County, Illinois. Recovery methods included hand picking and flotation. Fauna was identified by Steven Kuehn.

Broglio Site, IL (11WM80) Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Steven Kuehn

The Broglio Site (11WM80) is located in northwestern Williamson County in southern Illinois. It lies on a low upland ridge between an intermittent stream to the south and Lake Creek to the northeast. The site occurs within the Mt. Vernon Hill Country of the Southern Till Plain Division. Based on the soils, the site area once supported forest. The Illinois State Archaeological Survey conducted test excavations at the site in 2012 and 2013 to investigate the impacts of the FAU 903/FAU 9588...