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AAPL, Chapter 10, Macrofloral Remains (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Linda Scott Cummings.

The data discussed here apply only to charred remains recovered in this macrofloral study. It is assumed that all uncharred material represents modern contaminants, and therefore it is not discussed. Table 10.2 lists all charred macrobotanical remains recovered in samples from the archeological sites, except for Site 74-002. At the end of this chapter is a complete listing of macrobotanical remains recovered charred and uncharred.

AAPL, Chapter 18, Lithic Technology Along the All American Pipeline (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David Carlson. Jeanne Swarthout. Stan Freer.

This chapter discusses lithic artifacts recovered along the All American Pipeline. Along with a review of type of projectile points, it includes an analysis of the sourcing for obsidian for these projectile points.