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Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-061: Environmental Studies Report (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bruce F. Benz. Vickie L. Clay.

The Environmental Studies Group has completed laboratory and field studies that serve as a comparisons for projections back in time. These include maps that inventory the present day bedrock geology, landforms, soils stream orders, and present and potential-natural vegetation. Two experimental gardens provide case studies of the potential of subsistence agriculture in the Dolores Archaeological Project area under present day conditions. Analysis to date of geological, faunal, and floral...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-063: Analysis of Human Skeletal Remains from the Dolores Archaeological Project: 1978-1980 (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Ann Lucy Wiener.

This report includes the tentative assessment of the demographic, morphological, and epidemiological characteristics of the Dolores River valley Anasazi population as represented by the small sample of 32 individuals recovered during 1978-1980 excavations by the DAP (Dolores Archaeological Program). Two fragmentary protohistoric burials are also described. Burial practices are typical of the Mesa Verde Region during Basketmaker III to Pueblo II/III periods; individuals were predominately...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-066: 1980 Archaeomagnetic Sampling Program (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. Holly Hathaway.

The 1980 archaeomagnetic sampling program involved the recovery of 59 archaeomagnetic samples from 13 archaeological sites excavated by the Dolores Archaeological Program. In addition, 12 samples were collected from 12 experimental hearths located within the project area. Based on the 1979 DAP refinement of the A.D. 700-900 portion of the Southwest curve, the 1978-1980 prehistoric collection sets were temporally evaluated. When these dates were compared to the original Southwest curve estimates,...

Dolores Archaeological Program Technical Reports, DAP-077: Temporal Changes in the Anasazi Food Processing Toolkit (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carolyn Raffensperger.

This study examines changes in the food processing tool kit among the northern Anasazi during the period A.D. 650-900. It is assumed that, during this period, the Anasazi were gradually increasing their use of corn and decreasing their use of nondomesticated or gathered plants. Corresponding changes in the Anasazi tool kit are hypothesized. First, corn grinding tools are expected to have become more efficient, indicating specialization in the corn grinding task, and second, the total food...