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HARP Faunal Analysis Letter Report (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Homer Thiel.

Letter report with summary table of species represented. Accompanied database.

HARP Survey Ceramic Database (2016)
DATASET Keith Kintigh. Suzanne Eckert.

Ceramic data from the Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project survey around the site of Heshotauthla. Suzanne Eckert did the ceramic identifications.

Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project (HARP)
PROJECT Keith Kintigh. Arizona State University (ASU).

The Heshotauthla Archaeological Research Project (HARP) did limited excavation at the Pueblo IV site of Heshotauthla and intensive systematic survey in the area of the site on the Zuni Indian Reservation. Excavation was limited to areas threatened by erosion and areas thought t have been previously excavated by the Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition in the late 1880s. HARP survey recorded 305 prehistoric and historic sites in 10.4 square kilometers, including a post-Chaocan great...