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47GT0628 Roling Database (2010)
DATASET Rhiannon Jones.

Database for Roling site (47GT0628). The database for 47GT0628 contains a lot book, artifact inventory, and a size grade inventory. In attempts to have more data for the interpretation in the Phase III the Phase I and II data was also imported into the database in a separate inventory of the site. All photos and artifacts are curated at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

47GT0628 Roling Point (2010)
IMAGE Katherine Shillinglaw.

A selection of images from Roling I site (47GT0628).

Archaeological Data Recovery at Rolling #1 Site (47GT628), USHighway 151 Corridor (Belmont to Dickeyville), Grant County, Wisconsin (2007)
DOCUMENT Full-Text G.W. III Christiansen. Jennifer Haas.

In July, November, and December of 2004, Great Lakes Archaeological Research Center conducted supplemental Phase II and III archaeological investigations at the Roling #1 site on behalf of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and the Federal Highways Administration as part of the reconstruction of USHighway 151 between West Mound Road and County Trunk Highway HH in Grant and Lafayette counties, Wisconsin (WisDOT Project ID #1209-02-01). Over 2000 artifacts were recovered refl ecting...

Archaeological Investigations of 25 Parcels Related to the Reconstruction of USH 151 from W. Mound Road to CTH HH in Grant and Lafayette Counties, Wisconsin (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael Gregory. James McEachran. David F. Overstreet.

During July 2000 through early May 2001, the Center for Archaeological Research at Marquette University performed archaeological Phases I and II, and limited geo-technical studies within 25 segments of proposed and existing highway right-of-way (ROW) located along the planned U.S. Highway (USH) 151 reconstruction alignment between West Mound Road and County Trunk Highway HH in Lafayette and Grant counties, Wisconsin. Earth Tech, Inc., sponsored the study as preparation for continued...

Archaeological Sites, Driftless Area, Grant County, Wisconsin
PROJECT Jennifer Haas.

From 2004 through 2006, GLARC conducted archaeological data recovery operations at four open air prehistoric Native American sites in the Driftless Region of southwestern Wisconsin. The sites are Roling (47GT628), Kieler I (47GT593), Bend in the Creek (47GT693), and Kieler II (47GT594) and include Early Archaic (8000-4000 B.C.), Late Archaic Durst Phase (1000-5000 B.C.), Early Woodland (300 B.C. to 100 A.D.), and Late Woodland Eastman Phase (A.D. 700-1000) occupations. Each site contains in...