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An Archeological Overview and Management Plan for the Harry Diamond Laboratories - Blossom Point Test Site (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text William Gardner. James L. Nolan. Edward Otter. Joel I. Klein.

This archeological overview and management plan provides a tool which can be used by DARCOM and decision makers at the Harry Diamond Laboratories - Blossom Point Test Site to assist in complying with regulations and procedures relating to historic preservation (Technical Manual 5-801-1, Technical Note No. 78-17, Resource Management; 32 CFR 650.181-850.193; Army Regulation 420-40; Army Regulation 200-1; Army Regulation 200-2; 36 CFR 800). This document summarizes data relating to the area's...

Artifact Inventory, Phase I Survey of Twelve Areas, Blossom Point, Adelphi Laboratory Center (2005)
DATASET MAAR Associates, Inc.. Tetra Tech Inc..

This record includes an artifact catalog generated by Phase I survey from the former Harry Diamond Laboratories Field Test Facility, Blossom Point Maryland during 1977 and 1980. The "Description Characteristics" column in this data set has been unmerged into four distinct columns and relabeled to allow for it to be ingested into tDAR. No data have been affected. Modified on 02/12/2014.

Cultural Resource Survey of Harry Diamond Laboratories Field Test Facility, Blossom Point, Maryland (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Steve Wilke. Rinita Dalan. Lorena Walsh. Robert Stuckenrath.

In order to comply with the National Historic Preservation Act (Public Law 89-665), the National Environmental Policy Act (Public Law 91-190), and Executive Order 11593 (Protection and Enhancement of the Cultural Environment), the Atlanta Office of the Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service contracted with Geo-Recon International (GRI) to provide a literature search and cultural resource survey of the Harry Diamond Laboratories Field Test Facility located at Blossom Point in Charles...

Harry Diamond Laboratories Cultural Resource Management Plan including Adelphi Laboratory Center, Blossom Point Field Test Facility, and Woodbridge Research Facility (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text KFS Historic Preservation Group.

Harry Diamond Laboratories (HDL) is the largest laboratory in the US Army Laboratory Command (LABCOM), which is a major subordinate command of the US Army Materiel Command (AMC). HDL serves as the lead facility for the study of fluidics, nuclear-effects technology research, and the development of electronic fuzing for projectiles and missiles. The Adelphi Laboratory Center, comprising 136.68 acres, is located in Adelphi, Maryland, a northeast suburb of Washington, DC. Adelphi serves as the...

Map, Blossom Point Research Facility Identified Cultural Resources, BPI_0140 (1983)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: system user

Map of the Blossom Point prehistoric archaeological sites at the Blossom Point Research Facility.

Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, Archeological Site Survey, Basic Site Report, Site 18CH221, Kings Creek Farm, BPI_0080 (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Maryland Historical Trust.

This report is a Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties Archeological Site Survey, Basic Data Report for the site T9, Kings Creek Farm, 18CH221. This site is located west of Blossom Point Road on Cedar Point Neck, about 2 miles north of the tip of Blossom Point. It lies in a dirt roadbed. This sparse historic artifact scatter probably represents the former locus of a brick farmhouse or outbuilding associated with the Kings Creek Farm, once occupied by a George Brown. This building was...

Oversized Site Maps, US Army Adelphi Laboratory Center (1991)
DOCUMENT Full-Text US Army Corps of Engineers, Baltimore District.

Cultural resource maps of the US Army Adelphi Laboratory Center.

Phase I Survey of Twelve Areas at Blossom Point, Adelphi Laboratory Center (2000.028)
PROJECT Army -- Archaeology and Historic Preservation Program. Ronald A. Thomas. Martin B. Reinbold.

Project includes artifact catalog generated by Phase I survey from the former Harry Diamond Laboratories Field Test Facility, Blossom Point Maryland.