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Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey of Westover Air Force Base, Massachusetts (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deborah C. Cox.

The Westover Air Force Base archaeological reconnaissance survey has provided an opportunity to assess archaeological sensitivity of a large tract of land that offers variable ecological resources. Background research and a walkover survey enabled the researchers to classify areas of the Air Force Base on a six-point scale according to their degree of archaeological sensitivity. Areas of moderate to high sensitivity are recommended for further archaeological investigation if any construction or...

Results of a Cultural Resources Reconnaissance Survey of Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald G. Jones. Sally Pendleton. Nicole A. Missio.

A cultural resources reconnaissance survey was conducted of the Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts. The cultural resources survey was conducted by the Office of Public Archaeology at Boston University for Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation of Boston, Massachusetts, and Law Environmental of Georgia. The survey included an archaeological reconnaissance survey with limited subsurface testing and an architectural survey. During the archaeological survey, 173 shovel test pits were...

Westover Air Reserve Base, Area Development Plan for the Historic Core (2017)
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The purpose of the Westover Air Reserve Base ARB Historic Core Area Development Plan is to thoughtfully reestablish the symbolic historic core as the center of activity and identity for the base. In doing so, land use patterns will be organized for future development, while both functionality and visual character within this area will also be improved. In essence, the plan aims to instill a “ sense of place” in the historic heart of Westover ARB. This resource also includes an updated...