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Dunes and Deflation: Excavations at LA 124525 and LA 161918 at the Intrepid Potash East Mine, Eddy County, New Mexico (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Douglas H. M. Boggess. Andrew Zink. Pam McBride. Stephen Hall. David Hill. Linda Scott Cummings. Kathryn Puseman. Chad Yost. Melissa K. Logan. Peter Kovacik. R.A. Varney.

In July 2010, the area around the lower east catchment basin at Intrepid Potash, Inc.’s East Mine was disturbed to allow for road and additional access around the pond. A series of ponds around the East mine tailings pile are designed to store brine water for re-use in the processing plant. The lower east catchment basin is the last pond in this series of ponds. The construction of additional access was required for water management activities during a high precipitation event that eventually...