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Artifact Photographs from Various Archaeological Sites, Fort A.P. Hill (2008)
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This resource page contains the color photographs of artifacts from Fort A.P. Hill. Site numbers for the artifacts are indicated in the file name.

Excavation & Landscape Photographs, Roll 1 (Black & White), Fort A.P. Hill (2007)
IMAGE Louis Berger & Associates, Inc..

This resource contains the black and white photographs from several archaeological sites located at Fort A.P. Hill. These photographs were originally identified as being from Roll 1.

Excavation, Landscape and Artifact Photographs, A.P. Hill (AP2008.002)
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This project consists of archaeological photographs from Fort A.P. Hill that are held by the Fort Lee Regional Archaeological Curation Facility (Accession Number AP2008.002). The photographs are from several different sites, and include photographs of excavations, landscape, features and artifacts. Each roll of film is located on an image resource page.