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The Des Rivieres at House 7, a Michilimackinac Case Study (2014)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lynn Evans.

Michilimackinac, located at the crossroads of the Great Lakes, was a fortified trading settlement and entrepôt, rather than a traditional military fort. Although the military played an important role at the settlement, more than half of the space within the palisade walls was taken up by the church/mission complex and civilian homes. This paper will examine the French Canadian civilian experience at Michilimackinac through the prism of the excavation of a specific row house unit, House 7 of...

Michilimackinac and the Modern World: The View from an English Trader's House (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lynn Evans.

Archaeological excavations have taken place at Michilimackinac every summer since 1959, pre-dating the Society for Historical Archaeology.  The project and its approaches have evolved along with the discipline.  This paper examines current research at an English trader's house within the fort.  His wide range of ceramics and other goods provide insight into the cosmopolitan nature of life on the edge of the eigteenth-century British empire.