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An Archaeological Survey of the Granite-Reef Aqueduct (1972)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sandra Kemrer. Sandra Schultz. William Dodge.

In anticipation of the construction of the Granite Reef Aqueduct, a component of the Central Arizona Project, the Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office contracted with Arizona State Museum to conduct a cultural resources inventory of the aqueduct right-of-way to evaluate the potential effect of the project to archaeological sites. Arizona State Museum archaeologists conducted the survey in the summer of 1972 and identified 32 archaeological sites (27 prehistoric and 5 historic) and 57...

Granite Reef: A Study in Desert Archaeology (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: M Scott Thompson

Under contract with the Under contract with the Bureau of Reclamation, the Office of Cultural Resource Management (OCRM), Department of Anthropology, Arizona State University conducted the Granite Reef Aquedcut archaeological project over a period of five years to mitigate the adverse effects of aqueduct and water control feature construction. The project was organized around a series of archaeological surveys, data recovery tasks, and problem-oriented analyses that were guided by a consistent...