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A Cultural Inventory of the Proposed Granite Reef and Salt-Gila Aqueducts, Agua Fria River to Gila River, Arizona (1969)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Alfred E. Dittert, Jr.. Paul R. Fish. Don E. Simonis.

One of several construction programs proposed for inclusion in the Central Arizona Project was a system of aqueducts to link Parker Dam on the Colorado River in western Arizona and the Charleston Damsite on the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona. Since the possibility existed that archaeological remains might be destroyed by necessary subjugation of lands for the aqueduct, the Southwest Archaeological Center of the National Park Service, U. S. Department of the Interior, made arrangements...

Powers Butte Arizona Site Steward File (1995)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Shelly Rasmussen. P. H. S..

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for Powers Butte, comprised of basalt rooms, petroglyphs, and a groundstone manufacturing site, located on Bureau of Land Management and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service land. The file consists of a site data form, a site data card, and a Museum of Northern Arizona archaeological survey form. The earliest dated document is from 1977.