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Archaeological Investigations: Dames & Moore, Salt River Project, Coronado Station Coal Haul Railroad, Apache County, Arizona: Addendum to Final Report for Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Phase I Consultation for the Proposed A-2 Alignment of the Salt River Project Coronado Station Coal Haul Railroad (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Gale McPherson.

At the request of Dames & Moore, consultants to Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona, has conducted an archaeological impact study of a proposed railroad in eastern Arizona. The study is designed to characterize the archaeological resources in the project area, providing Dames & Moore with information to evaluate potential impact of the project on the resources. The alignment, designated "D-2", is one of two proposed routes for a coal haul railroad from Coronado Station near St....

Local Chert Reduction, Maintenance, and Toolmaking: Terminal Classic Chert Use at Nohmul, Belize (dataset)
PROJECT Uploaded by: Adrian Chase

This dataset contains analysis of 381 chert artifacts excavated from structures 9 (circular) and 20 (patio quad) at the site of Nohmul in modern Belize. This material was originally excavated in two field seasons in 1978 and 1979 under the Corozal Postclassic Project by Diane Chase. The analysis of this material by Adrian SZ Chase and Jonathan Paige is published in the 2020 volume of Research Reports in Belizean Archaeology and should use that paper as a reference for this dataset (see abstract...

Structure 20 and 9 chert data from Corozal Postclassic Project 1978 and 1979 excavations of Nohmul, Belize (2019)
DATASET Adrian Chase. Jonathan Paige.

"Stone tools and debitage recovered from Terminal Classic Period contexts at the site Nohmul, Belize were collected in 1978 and 1979 as part of a dissertation project. Our analysis of this Nohmul chert assemblage has found evidence for local reduction of cobbles and core maintenance, as well as the production and maintenance of tools. Nohmul is situated roughly 30 kilometers from the Northern Belize Chert Bearing Zone, and the site of Colha, Belize – the argued center of lithic production in the...