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An Archaeology of Institutional Refuge: the Material Culture of the Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney, 1848–1886 (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Penny Crook. Tim Murray.

This monograph presents the results of the EAMC analysis of the Hyde Park Barracks assemblage. It concentrates of the underfloor assemblage and examines many details of life in the Women’s Destitute Asylum and Immigrant’s Depot such as smoking, the distribution of religious tracts, the provision of medicinal care, the ‘make-do’ culture of recycled clothing and makeshift tooling, among other topics.

Assessment of historical and archaeological resources at the Hyde Park Barracks (2003)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Penny Crook. Laila Ellmoos. Tim Murray.

Assessment of historical and archaeological resources at the Hyde Park Barracks. Resource assessments were carried out for all sites selected for the EAMC during the first stage of the project in order to determine the priorities for analysis.

Exploring the Archaeology of the Modern City project
PROJECT Historic Houses Trust. Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. NSW Heritage Office . Heritage Victoria. City of Sydney. Godden Mackay Logan.

The ‘Exploring the Archaeology of the Modern City’ project (EAMC) was established in 2001 by Professor Tim Murray of the Archaeology Program of La Trobe University and Industry Partners, to analyse and interpret the large assemblages excavated from historical archaeological sites which are held in storehouses across Sydney. Funding for the project was provided by the Australian Research Council through its Linkage Scheme. The project gave to the analysis of ten discreet household assemblages...