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Additional Work in the Little Green Valley Segment: Results of Archaeological Investigations Along Forest Road 405A, Tonto National Forest, Gila County, Arizona (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Sarah A. Herr.

In advance of road realignment for access into the Wood Canyon Development, the current data recovery investigations documented features along a segment of historic road currently designated as Forest Road 405A. Six historic period features were recorded and the history of the road and its designation were reviewed.

Cultural Resource Inventory, LSV Indian Springs, Las Vegas, Nevada 89124 (2018)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David Brunzell.

BCR Consulting LLC (BCR Consulting) under contract to Ace Environmental LLC completed a Cultural Resources Inventory of the LSV Indian Springs Project (project) located at Creech Air Force Base (CAFB) and on Bureau of Land Management land (BLM) in Clark County, Nevada. Proposed project activities will include installation of permanent power at an existing communications site, and installation of underground, overhead, and above-ground utility lines to an existing telecommunications site. The...

State Route 260 - Payson to Heber
PROJECT Arizona Department of Transportation.

Reports from the State Route 260 - Payson to Heber archaeological project, sponsored by the Arizona Department of Transportation.