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Cadet Room Exhibition Randolph Air Force Base San Antonio, Texas (1997)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joe C. Freeman. Victoria Clow. Duane E. Peter.

The Cadet Room Exhibition project seeks to preserve the unique character of the typical 1930s aviation cadet room at Randolph Air Force Base. Since "the construction of Randolph Air Force Base in the 1930s, thousands of air cadets have passed through these well-designed dormitory rooms on their way to serve as Army Air Corps and Air Force officers. Former cadets who return to Randolph recall their experiences at Randolph and remember their rooms. The changing military mission has necessitated...

Flying Cadet Detachment Orders and Regulations (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Randolph Field Printing Office. Joe C. Freeman.

Correspondence from 1996 regarding three schemes and a blank for Cadet rooms. Also includes pages from the 1936 Flying Cadet Orders and Regulations Handbook.

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