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Archaeological Survey for a Proposed Communications Tower at Site 9CH155, Ossabaw Island, Chatham County, Georgia (2010)

DOCUMENT [ID: 367797] Daniel Elliott.

The LAMAR Institute completed an archaeological project on a portion of the Newell Creek/South End Plantation site (9CH155) on Ossabaw Island, Chatham County, Georgia. The Newell Creek site is located on the southern portion of Ossabaw Island on an elevated bluff above Newell Creek (Figure 1). Fieldwork was conducted on May 5, 2010. The results of this effort are detailed in this report.

Archaeology at Spalding's South End Plantation, Sapelo Island, Georgia (2010)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366317] [NFM] Various.

Information, Correspondence, and Logistics for Weekend 4 Wildlife 2010

Architecture, Settlement Structure, and Labor Relations At Three Antebellum Plantations On Sapelo Island, Georgia (2009)

DOCUMENT [ID: 371723] Morgan Crook, Jr.. Nicholas Honerkamp.

Research at three antebellum plantations on Sapelo Island, Georgia indicates a wide variety in Geechee settlement forms, construction techniques and materials, and architectural artifacts associated with structures. Based on documentary and archaeological data, two contrasting forms of settlement patterning are described that correlate with distinct labor relations at individual plantations. Significant slave cabin construction changes over a 60 year period are presented that resulted from...

Chocolate Plantation, Sapelo Island - Artifact Photos (2006)

IMAGE [ID: 366394] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Prehistoric Ceramics, Historic Ceramics, buttons, beads, iron, straps, stone, personal historic items

Mapping and Systematic Shovel Testing at Middle Place Plantation (9CH158), Ossabaw Island, Georgia (2007)

DOCUMENT [ID: 367799] George Price. Karen Payne.

This is a report of findings resulting from the 2007 archaeological investigations at Middle Place conducted by Apalachee Research Archaeological Consultants, Inc. Funding for the project derives from the Coastal Incentives Grant (CIG) awarded the Georgia Coastal Management Program. The field work was conducted and March, 2007. This is first investigation to focus o site' occupation and the first to employ systematic shovel testing. A total of 21 shovel tests and two 1x2 m...

North End Plantation, Ossabaw Island, Georgia: Preliminary Archaeological Investigations (2005)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366024] Daniel T. Elliott.

This report documents the 2005 archaeological investigations conducted at the North End Plantation site, Ossabaw Island, Chatham County, Georgia. This study was conducted by the LAMAR Institute and the Archaeological Services Unit, Historic Preservation Division, Georgia Department of Natural Resources for the Ossabaw Island Foundation. The field study was conducted from January through May, 2005 and this research formed part of the Save America’s Treasures grant project, funded by the National...

Ossabaw Island

PROJECT [ID: 366022] Uploaded by: Rachel Black

Ossabaw Island State Land Files

Sapelo Island

PROJECT [ID: 365274] Uploaded by: Rachel Black

Sapelo Island Project

Sapelo Island: "Weekend for Wildlife" Survey and Testing at Chocolate Plantation, 9MC96, Sapelo Island, Georgia (2007)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366281] Uploaded by: Rachel Black

This report documents archaeological survey and testing carried out at and near Chocolate Plantation (9MC96) on February 9-10, 2007 by Norma Harris of the University of West Florida, Jennifer Bedell of the Georgia DNR Historic Preservation Division, and Nick Honerkamp ofthe University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). These activities were part of the annual Weekend for Wildlife (WFW) program sponsored by DNR. State Archaeologist David Crass arranged the WFW Chocolate component for a dozen...

Sapelo Island: A Proposal for Conducting and Archaeological Survey at Chocolate Plantation, Sapelo Island, Georgia (2006)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366402] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Field Work Proposal 2006

Sapelo Island: A Proposal for Conducting and Archaeological Survey at High Point Plantation, Sapelo Island, Georgia (2007)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366733] Uploaded by: Rachel Black

High Point presents and intriguing archaeological challenge. Although it is documented as a location for one of the earliest historic occupations on the Island, only the (presumably) postbellum features have been recorded there. In an effort to obtain a clearer picture of the entire history of the site, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) proposes to conduct a modified systematic survey at High Point of screened half-meter...

Sapelo Island: Archaeological Testing at High Point Plantation (2008)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366229] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Final Report

Sapelo Island: Chocolate Plantation - 2006 Archaeology Day Photos (2006)

IMAGE [ID: 366396] Uploaded by: Rachel Black

Archaeology Day 5/29/2006 - Photos Various

Sapelo Island: Chocolate Plantation - 2006 Field School Notes (2006)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366403] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Field Notes 2006

Sapelo Island: Chocolate Plantation - 2006 Field School Photos (2006)

IMAGE [ID: 366395] Nicholas Honerkamp.

2006 Excavations - Field School Photos, Week 1 - 5

Sapelo Island: Chocolate Plantation - Artifact Analyses Sheets (2006)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366400] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Field Work 2006 Artifact Data Sheets

Sapelo Island: Chocolate Plantation Field Work 2006 - Photolog (2006)

DATASET [ID: 366397] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Photo Summary

Sapelo Island: Chocolate Plantation Historic Photos (2006)

IMAGE [ID: 366398] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Georgia State Historic Archives - Sapelo Photos

Sapelo Island: High Point - Artifact Photos 2007 (2007)

IMAGE [ID: 366731] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Bottles, Metal, Tacks, Buttons, Nails, Glass, Ceramics (historic/prehistoric), Lithics.

Sapelo Island: High Point - Various Maps (2007)

IMAGE [ID: 366742] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Historic Maps Land Maps Floor Plans

Sapelo Island: High Point Excavation 2007 - Artifact Data (2007)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366755] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Artifact Data Sheets from the 2007 Field School

Sapelo Island: High Point Field Forms 2007 (2007)

DOCUMENT [ID: 366732] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Various Forms - Field School 2007

Sapelo Island: High Point Field School Photos 2007 (2007)

IMAGE [ID: 366404] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Field Photos of Excavations at High Point Plantation

Sapelo Island: High Point Photo Log (2007)

DATASET [ID: 366748] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Photo Log for Excavations May 2007

Sapelo Island: Weekend for Wildlife 2007 - Chocolate Plantation Excavation Photos (2007)

IMAGE [ID: 366768] Nicholas Honerkamp.

Photos of the W4W 2007 Excavation at the Chocolate Plantation, Sapelo Island

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