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An Archeological Inventory and Assessment of 14 Archeological Sites in the Everett Area, Boston Township, Summit County, Ohio (2011)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeffrey J. Richner. Ann C. Bauermeister.

This report documents the planning process for identifying and protecting archeological resources within Everett in Cuyahoga Valley National Park with regard to a proposed sewer system to be developed to serve numerous historic structures in the crossroads community. It also describes the components, content, and context of 14 archeological sites that occur on the properties to be served by the new sewer system. The sewer system would be a unified, single system connected to the City of Akron...

Archeological Investigations at Boston Village, Boston Township, Summit County, Ohio, Part I: Inventory and Evaluation at the Boston General Store, 1991 (1996)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jeffrey J. Richner.

This report summarizes the results of a three-week-Iong archeological investigation of the grounds about the Boston General Store at Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area. This timber-frame structure has survived relatively intact since its construction in 1836. It exhibits elements of Classical and Greek Revival architecture combined with vernacular components. Located along the towpath (west side) of the Ohio and Erie Canal in the village of Boston, Summit County, Ohio, the structure is...

The Slide Rock State Park, Sedona, Arizona: A Conservation Survey Report: Collections Assessment with Exhibit Assessment Supplement (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Nancy Odegaard, PhD.

On May 24, 2002, a General Conservation Assessment Survey and exhibits survey was undertaken to determine the conservation needs for the collections at the Slide Rock State Park (SRSP). The Heritage Preservation awarded the survey with funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The Conservation Assessment Program (CAP) included a one-day, on-site visit by a collections conservator with an exhibits planner/designer, and a separate visit by an architect familiar with...

Wirth Associates, Arizona Station Transmission System, Salt River Project, State, Private, and Federal Lands, Coconino, Navajo, and Apache Counties, Arizona, Valencia and Catron Counties, New Mexico: Preliminary Draft for Phase I: Archaeological and Ethno-historical Research (1974)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael D. Metcalf. Howard M. Davidson. Kathleen E. Moffitt.

At the request of Wirth Associates, the Museum of Northern Arizona conducted a Phase I archaeological study of an area in east-central Arizona to identify prehistoric and ethno-historic groups in to delineate areas of potential archaeological sensitivity within the study area. Existing archaeological site data were gathered from various Arizona and New Mexico institutions, and archaeological site density per township was mapped. Site density figures were compared with vegetational and...