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Addendum to Grave Identification Survey, Fort Lee Adams Roudabout, Prince George County, Virginia (2011)
DOCUMENT Full-Text New South Associates.

This is an addendum to a previous project (Matternes et al. 2010) that addressed the location of an unmarked African-American cemetery on property owned by Prince George County and adjacent to U.S. Army Fort Lee Military Reservation in Prince George County, Virginia. The purpose of the addendum project was to determine whether cultural features, particularly historic period graves, were present in the established triangular median between Jefferson Park Road and Adams Avenue. At the time of the...

Archaeological Subsurface Surveys, Fort Lee Military Reservation, Prince George County (FL2011.018)
PROJECT Hugh B. Matternes. J. W. Joseph. Shawn Patch.

This investigation addressed the location of an unmarked cemetery on property currently owned by Prince George County, adjacent to U.S. Army Fort Lee Military Reservation in eastern Virginia. Historical research indicated that the burial ground was associated with the laboring Sisters of the Vine Burial Association who used it as a cemetery in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Relic fences and property boundary markers indicated where the probable cemetery property boundaries...