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The Fortified Villages of the Dakotas (1962)
DOCUMENT Full-Text W. W. Caldwell.

From the time of first contact by European and American travelers, the fortified villages of the sedentary, horticultural Indians who lived along the Missouri River in what today are the States of North and South Dakota have been a matter for speculation and comment— and with good reason. Many of the defensive features have close counterparts in the fortified villages and castles of the mote and bailey type of western Europe. This is not to imply that there was any direct relationship but the...

A Research Report and Restoration Considerations for the Interpretive Development of Historic Resources at Brigham City, A.T. (1980)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lyle M. Stone.

Brigham City, a fortified Mormon settlement on the Little Colorado River near the City of Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona, was established in 1876 as a United Order community and abandoned by the Church in 1881. The property was subsequently incorporated into the La Prade farm and dairy, which was in operation from about 1897 until the mid-1940's. At present, the site is owned by the City of Winslow. Much of the arable land surrounding the site has been leased to a Winslow resident for...