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Moving beyond Cowboys and Indians: Rethinking Colonial Dichotomies into Messy "Frontiers" (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Andrew Agha. Jon Marcoux.

As part of its etymological "baggage," the term "frontier" evokes thoughts of action and excitement, conquering the unknown, and transforming the untamed and uncivilized into the managed and controlled. In North American colonial contexts this perspective privileges the experiences of European, colonizers at the interpretive expense of the multitude of other social actors (e.g., enslaved Africans, women, Native Americans) whose practices equally constituted the colonial project. In our paper, we...

Taraco Pensinula Archaeological Survey
PROJECT Uploaded by: Matthew Bandy

Systematic Survey of about 98 km2 of the Taraco Peninsula in Bolivia, conducted in the late 1990s.