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Mimbres Games, Gambling and Gods (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Steve Swanson.

This paper reviews the archaeological evidence for the presence of games played by the prehistoric inhabitants of the Mimbres region in the US Southwest/Northwest Mexico, emphasizing perishable materials recovered from cave/rock shelter deposits and iconic imagery present on Mimbres ceramic vessels. He compares the archaeological evidence with ethnographic information for gaming and gaming-related activities among Western Puebloan groups. Gaming and gambling among the ethnohistoric Hopi, Zuni...

Mimbres Inequality
PROJECT Uploaded by: Will Russell

Appendices to Will G. Russell's dissertation

Rakita - Tables C through G (2011)
DATASET Gordon Rakita.

Data tables C through G to accompany Rakita's paper.

Reevaluating Mimbres Late Pithouse to Classic Period Transformations of the Upper Gila (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jakob Sedig.

Professional archaeological research has been conducted in southwest New Mexico’s upper Gila valley since at least 1929, when Burt and Hattie Cosgrove completed a survey of archaeological sites. Projects of various scales have been carried out periodically since then, however minimal research has occurred at Woodrow Ruin, one of the region’s largest sites. This paper presents new information from my recent dissertation research at Woodrow Ruin that is helping to redefine the Late...

Southwest Mortuary Database Project: 2011 SAA E-Session: Mortuary Practices in the American Southwest: Meta-Data Issues in the Development of a Regional Database
PROJECT Gordon Rakita. M Scott Thompson.

The study of prehistoric mortuary practices in the American Southwest is undergoing tremendous change in the new millennium. The challenges (and opportunities) of NAGPRA implementation, declines in the number of large samples being excavated, and loss of data from previously excavated samples have altered mortuary archaeology in the region. Given this state of affairs, the development of an integrated regional database of prehistoric mortuary practices is imperative. This session at the 76th...