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A Few Summer Ceremonials at the Tusayan Pueblos / Natal Ceremonies of the Hopi Indians / On The Present Condition of a Ruin in Arizona Called Casa Grande (1892)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Jesse W. Fewkes. J. G. Owens.

The first chapter of the document provides insight into the ceremonies and rituals of Ancestral Puebloan Indians of the Tusayan Pueblos. It relates the dynamics of the rituals and ceremonies in terms of preparation and performance and significance. There are detailed sketches of sacred items used in the ceremonies along with many photographs of the ceremonies and rituals in progress. Also included are translations to English provided. The second chapter of the document regards ceremonies...

Jesse Walter Fewkes
PROJECT Uploaded by: alycia hayes

This project contains diverse works of Jesse Walter Fewkes over time on the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument including tables, maps, images and reports.

Ruins and Restoration on the Colorado Plateau: Earl Morris and the PWA (Public Works Administration) (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kelly Pool.

In 1934, the Carnegie Institution "loaned" archaeologist Earl Morris to the National Park Service to supervise the repair of ruins in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, and Aztec Ruins National Monument, New Mexico. The NPS had received funding in 1933 for long-term development projects through New Deal emergency work relief programs, one of which was the Public Works Administration. The PWA provided money for physical improvements in parks and monuments, including funding for restoration and...

Spruce Tree House: The Social History of a Thirteenth-Century Cliff Dwelling (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Joel Brisbin. Kay Barnett. Donna Glowacki.

As one of the best preserved ancestral Pueblo sites in the Southwest, Spruce Tree House presents a unique opportunity to examine aggregation during the 1200s; a time fraught with significant social and religious changes, intensifying intraregional violence, and extreme climatic conditions that ends with widespread Pueblo exodus from the region. This paper presents our fine-grained reconstruction of how Spruce Tree House developed over time based on detailed architectural documentation and a...