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Cultural Resources Investigations Related to the West Belle Pass Headland Restoration Project, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard A. Weinstein.

Cultural resources investigations were conducted for the West Belle Pass Restoration Project, located in extreme lower Lafoiirche Parish, Louisiana. The investigations involved archaeological, historical and geological background research, pedestrian survey and site testing. The survey covered an area of approximately 2,188 acres, and either discovered or revisited five prehistoric archaeological sites. Three of the sites, 16 LF 82, 16 LF 83, and 16 LF 84, were deemed not significant and no...

A Research Design for Data Recovery at the Huffman Creek Site (16 RA 433), Rapides, Parish Louisiana (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald G. Hunter.

Archaeological Data Recovery is planned for the Huffman Creek site (16 RA 433), a multicomponent site in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. The excavations are necessary because work related to the development of the Red River Waterway by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will adversely impact this site, which has been determined a significant historical property eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. This research design is undertaken to structure the forthcoming data...