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Engine at Full Power: How the conservation of USS Monitor’s main engine has become an avenue for outreach. (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only William Hoffman. David Krop. Gerald Hanley.

In 1987, The Mariners’ Museum (TMM) became the official repository for all objects recovered from the wreck of the USS Monitor. Starting in the 90’s, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) began recovering large portions of the ironclad, which led to the retrieval of engineer John Ericsson’s 20-ton steam engine in 2001. Over the last decade, the conservation process has enabled experts to collaborate and provide insight into where and how the engine was fabricated, how it...

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A search for General Grant's cabin at City Point that he occupied during the siege of Petersburg. This survey, for Dave Orr (NPS), did not locate the cabin.

A Geophysical Survey at Jackson Shrine (1984)
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Survey with radar, magnetic, and resistivity equipment for Dana Linck (NPS) at the site where General Jackson died during the US Civil War.

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Located the buried cellar of the Taylor House, but detected nothing of Fort Morton. Survey for Dave Orr (NPS).

Low Water Bankline Survey of the Rice Plantation Landscape (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Loren R Clark. Michael C. Murray.

As part of the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project, the Savannah district will construct a number of mitigation features to compensate for adverse environmental impacts. Panamerican Consultants conducted both terrestrial and submerged investigations within the Savannah River estuary. A large component of the overall project was a low water bankline survey of Steamboat Slough, as well as Middle and Little Back Rivers, which recorded a total of 116 sites. Associated with the rice plantation...

There And Back Again: The Ironclad Monitor's Tale (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Tane Renata Casserley.

Situated just 16 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, N.C., NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary protects the shipwreck of the famed Civil War ironclad, USS Monitor. In 2015, thirteen years after the turret was recovered, NOAA launched an expedition back to the Monitor to document the site. Using closed circuit rebreathers, NOAA and its partners are using the latest technology to assess the ironclad’s current state of preservation. This presentation will highlight NOAA’s efforts to protect...