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Analyzing Magdalenian social networks in their environmental context (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Claudine Gravel-Miguel.

This research argues for a refocus of the study of prehistoric social networks that involves contextualizing the inter-site links often interpreted as indicators of social interactions between different groups. It focuses on the social networks created during the 3 sub-periods of the Magdalenian in the Cantabrian and Dordogne regions, and visible through similarities of portable art representations. It uses Species Distribution Modeling and Maximum Classification Likelihood on faunal presence...

Using computer models and art stylistic similarities to evaluate the impacts of geography and social processes on Magdalenian social networks (2015)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Claudine Gravel-Miguel.

Anthropological research has demonstrated the influence of climate and environmental resources on the lifestyle of hunter-gatherers. While most previous work has focused on environmental influences on hunter-gatherer economic and ecological behaviors, this research will evaluate the impact of different geographical and social environments on the social networks formed therein. This project will use an agent-based model to generate test expectations related to the processes that shaped the social...