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Archaeological Investigations, Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad, Federal, State, and Private Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Preliminary Report for Intensive Survey of the Proposed Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad (1976)
DOCUMENT Full-Text J. James Trott. Gale McPherson.

At the request of the Salt River Project, the Museum of Northern Arizona has conducted an intensive survey of the proposed Coronado Generating Station Coal Haul Railroad right-of-way. A total of 55 sites was recorded by the survey, 47 of them located at least partly within the right-of-way. Recommendations concerning each of these sites have been prepared. A cost estimate for additional archaeological investigations, which are recommended in the event of direct impact from the proposed railroad...

Archaeological Investigations, Salt River Project, Coronado Generating Station Project, Plant Site and Access Road, Private and State Lands, Apache County, Arizona: Final Report for Archaeological Investigations at the Coronado Generating Station Plant Site and Access Road, A-75-63 (1979)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James E. Bradford.

The Museum of Northern Arizona conducted archaeological investigations for the Salt River Project near St. Johns, Arizona. The excavation of 18 sites yielded architectural, ceramic, and lithic evidence in support of a general Anasazi cultural pattern. Nine sites showed definite ceramic affiliation with the Cibola Anasazi. The entire data base provides much additional information about the prehistory of east-central Arizona, specifically the Upper Little Colorado River Valley. This is the first...

The Structure and Organization of Basketmaker III Field Houses at the Cottonwood Seep Site (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald.

Early settlement of the Cottonwood Seep Site consisted of small, informal pit structures and large jacal surface structures that were used on a seasonal basis for a period from approximately A.D. 500 until about A.D. 800. This paper examines the structure and organization of the Basketmaker III settlement, focusing on group organization, site function, resource availability, and environmental considerations. Unlike many of the surrounding Basketmaker III field house sites, the Cottonwood Seep...