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Cost, quality and value in historical archaeology
PROJECT Penny Crook.

This doctoral research program explored three key concepts in nineteenth-century consumerism - cost, quality and value - and the role they play in examining the archaeological material culture of the modern world. It encompassed two primary strands of inquiry: one, a consumption-theory driven study of trade catalogues to analyse the cost and promotion of 19th-century tablewares; and two, a close study of production flaws observed in archaeological sherds. These culminated in a consideration of...

In Awe Of Death: A Comparative Analysis Of Glass Viewing Windows In American Caskets and Coffins (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jessica Sanger.

A comparative analysis of glass viewing windows present within interments during the Victorian Era and into the early twentieth century provides a unique perspective on the socioeconomic status of black and white communities throughout this time period, as well as an interpretation of assumptions made as to which individuals purchased these adornments for their dearly departed. This study examines Freedman’s Cemetery in Dallas, Texas, as well as seventy-nine other historic black and white...

'Superior Quality' Appendix - BMP98 Artefact Catalogue (PDF) (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Penny Crook.

Catalogue of artefact and quality data from the Burslem Market Place site compiled for the dissertation "‘Superior Quality’: Exploring the nature of cost, quality and value in historical archaeology". It groups each component of the full dataset but flaw, sherd, catalogue number (artefact bag), and site.

Trade catalogue data (2008)
DATASET Penny Crook.

This dataset includes 35,610 individual prices for glass and ceramic tableware from 25 Australian, English, North American and Canadian store and mail-order catalogues dating from 1872 to 1907. It includes bibliographic information about each catalogue and detailed descriptions of each tableware set.