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Advanced Digital Modelling of the Newport Medieval Ship (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Toby N. Jones. Nigel Nayling. Pat Tanner.

Since its discovery in 2002, the remains of the mid 15th century clinker built Newport Medieval Ship have been excavated, cleaned, documented, modelled and are now midway through PEG and freeze-drying conservation treatment. Digital documentation methods, including laser scanning and contact digitising were used extensively. The manufacture and assembly of a 1:10 scale physical model of the vessel remains has provided both construction sequence information and a suitable foundation from which to...

Agricultural Temple Communities at Angkor, Cambodia (2021)
DATASET Sarah Klassen.

Data from: "Klassen, Sarah, et al. (2021), 'Provisioning an Early City: Spatial Equilibrium in the Agricultural Economy at Angkor, Cambodia', Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory."

Emergent Value: Archaeology and Inventories in Later Medieval England (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ben Jervis.

Household inventories are an invaluable resource for identifying the range of objects which were present in the medieval home, but are not identified archaeologically. However, many items which are identified archaeologically are not regularly listed in these documents. Drawing on various relational approaches, it is my contention that rather than reflecting the inherent value of objects, inventories emerge as a set of relationships through which value was negotiated and maintained. I will...

The Newport Medieval Ship in Context: The Life and Times of a 15th Century Merchant Vessel Trading in Western Europe (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Toby N. Jones. Nigel Nayling.

This paper presents a summary of recent research into the broader economic, cultural and political world in which the Newport Medieval Ship was built and operated. Digital modeling of the original hull form has revealed the dimensions, capacity, and performance of the vessel. Examination of the individual ship timbers and overall hull form have led to a greater understanding of shipbuilding and woodland resource management in the late medieval period. Archaeological research has helped to...

Social Defense: The Construction of Late Medieval Societal and Spatial Boundaries in Newcastle upon Tyne and York (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Margaret E Klejbuk.

In anthropology, the "body" is a culture-specific concept often defined as separate from the mind, and during the nineteenth century was used in the study of non-Western cultures to better understand "the other." This paper investigates the application of the "body" concept to late medieval urban landscapes by examining how social hierarchy was organized and defined within town walls. The northern British towns of Newcastle and York are used as case studies: both were founded as Roman garrisons...

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