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Atlantic Traverses, Contrastive Illuminations (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher Fennell.

Research projects in historical archaeology have been greatly enhanced by trans-Atlantic, comparative perspectives and questions probing the contours of European colonial impacts. Marley Brown's work has provided a key intellectual impetus to these developments. His focus has compelled colleagues to exhaust interdisciplinary data sets in each research project, and to frame questions with a large-scale, comparative perspective. A remarkable variety of research questions are being addressed, often...

Historical Archaeology and Archaeological Practice in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Paul Belford.

Historical archaeology has become much more widely accepted in Europe in the last ten years The same period has also seen tremendous changes in the way archaeology is undertaken in many European countries. Some - such as the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands - have adopted an 'Anglo-Saxon' model of free-market capitalism within a regulatory framework; others - such as France and Poland - remain strongly wedded to a more traditional statist model. These methodological differences reflect - and...

Historical archaeology in eastern Baltic: some trends and problems (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Erki Russow.

The archaeology of the recent past (e.g. post-1500) in the eastern Baltic is a rather young area for material culture researchers. Only in the last 15-20 years has post-medieval archaeology gained some attention among archaeologists in the Baltic States, with the primary focus on military objects and certain types of artefacts. To date, no extensive theoretical discussion has been initiated, and the majority of research has limited connection with lobal historical archaeology. There are various...