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Small Chinese Settlements in the southwest Pacific: a brief look at Chinese Bakeries and Households in the Southwest Pacific 1890-1930 (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Dudley Gardner.

In addition to the spread of Chinese populations around the Pacific Rim in the nineteenth century, Chinese manufactured goods also were sold throughout the South Pacific. Fijian’s, Tongans, and Maoris purchased Chinese Ceramics and iron implements. The Chinese immigrants who lived on islands in the region also provided needed services. Bakeries and grocery stores and retail stores ran by Chinese owners carried goods manufactured in China. The end result was an archaeological signature that...

Unroofed, Uprooted, and Unapologetic: Homelessness in Washington D.C. from 1890-1930 (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Aaron J Howe.

Homelessness is a historically contingent condition of the Capitalist Mode of Production. Yet, it is often constructed as a contemporary problem arising from individual failures and misfortunes. Historically, homelessness has proven to be a fluid category, defying institutional definitions and mitigative strategies. In this paper, I explore the socio-economic phenomena of homelessness in Washington D.C. from ca. 1890-1930. Public and private institutions dedicated to converting the homeless into...