World War Two (Temporal Keyword)

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Memory, Forgetting and the War in Pictures (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Timo Ylimaunu. Titta Kallio-Seppä. Paul R. Mullins.

Pictures are one resource illuminating memory and forgetting of Finnish World War Two heritage. Pictures taken by Finnish Army photographers document wartime rituals, landscapes, and methods of warfare of German, Finnish and Soviet armies. In our paper we will examine how these wartime material practices and rituals were used to create, maintain and destroy identities and memory. Our discussion will focus on how the Finnish pictures were used to shape memory during and after the war.

Where Archaeology and History Diverge: how the archaeology of mystery U-boat wrecks challenges official history but yields insights into the realities of anti-submarine warfare in World War Two. (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Innes J. McCartney.

Research into the archaeology and distribution of 29 U-boat wrecks in the English and Bristol Channels, sunk in 1944 -1945 reveals that over a third of them do not match the losses recorded in the official histories of World War Two. Through historical research and archaeological recording these mystery sites can now be tentatively identified. What this process has revealed is how and why the Allies did not correctly assess the losses during wartime. It gives a unique insight into the challenges...