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Historical Archaeology in Transportation Projects in Arizona (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sara C. Ferland.

Transportation projects come with a unique set of challenges; including the limitation of fieldwork to the right-of-way, the potential for a project to bisect entire landscapes, and sometimes the fact that the road itself is a resource. This paper will provide an overview of the types of historical resources and issues that are encountered during transportation-related projects in Arizona, and examples of how we address them.

Landscape of a Shootout: A Reexamination of the National Register Nomination for the Power Cabin (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Maxwell Forton.

This is a paper/report submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Rattlesnake Canyon in the Galiuro Mountains harbors a historic cabin at the center of one of Arizona’s most infamous shootouts. In 1918 four men were killed in a confrontation between local law enforcement and members of the Power family. The infamy surrounding this shootout and ensuing manhunt secured the site of the Power Cabin a place on the National Register of Historic Places....