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Communicating Local: The Role Of Mediated Documents In The Articulation Of Values Within The City Of York (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Katrina M Foxton.

Managing the historic environments of cities is a task that continually concerns local authorities and citizens. Currently in the UK, ‘Local Plans’ for the development of cities form as documents which guide archaeologists and developers forward in the ongoing rendering of urban fabrics. On the other hand, ‘Neighbourhood Plans’ written by community groups create palpable statements of ownership for local areas and heritage.  Arguably, the city’s fabric is woven not only by building materials but...

The First Abbey in the New World – an Expression of Power and Ideology (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robyn P Woodward.

Every empire needs an ideology, and the Spanish Crown and the Catholic Church found their sense of justifying mission in the obligations to uphold and extend their faith and by extension a civilized way of life.   Lacking lucrative mineral resources, Jamaica was destined to become the first primarily agricultural colony established by the Spanish during the contact period. Founded in 1509 as the capital of the island, Sevilla la Nueva prospered briefly as a supply base for other Spanish...

Galeão Santíssimo Sacramento (1668): an Iberian galleon in the South Atlantic seas in the middle of the 17th century (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Beatriz B. Bandeira. Gilson Rambelli. Alvanir S. Oliveira. Oswaldo M. Del CIma. Mario B. R. Sousa. Juvenal Barreiro.

This is a poster submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. This poster re-examines the studies carried out in the1970´s by Ulisses Pernambucano with divers from the Brazilian Navy on the Santíssimo Sacramento (1668) through the georeferencing and recording of its remains, including anchors, cannons, nautical equipment, ballast and ceramic fragments. In addition to the story of the tragic end of this galleon, this archaeological site is one of the...

"The Thieves Who Stole 11 Mountain Howitzers … Were Tried in U.S. Court": The Story of the First Federal Cultural Resources Protection Law and the First Federal Prosecution of a Cultural Resources Crime. (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Christopher Eck.

As we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NHPA, it is worth remembering that a nearly forgotten federal law established the first federal battlefield parks a mere 25 years after the end of the Civil War and placed federal authority and protection over cultural resources – the "Act to establish a National Military Park at the Battlefield of Chickamauga" of 1890 and the subsequent related statutes, such as the Military Parks Act of 1897. This paper explores this law, its early...