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Buildings and Bling But No Bottles or Bone? Peculiar Findings at the Houston-LeCompt Site (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kerri S. Barile. Emily Calhoun. Kerry S. Gonzalez.

In the summer of 2012, a dozen Dovetail archaeologists and scores of volunteers toiled in the sun to excavate the Houston-LeCompt site, located along the newly proposed Route 301 corridor in central Delaware. Using test units, backhoe scraping, feature excavation, and artifact and ethnobotanical analysis, the team recovered an astounding amount of data on the Houston family and generations of subsequent tenant farmers who worked the land. House cellars, kitchen refuse pits, wells, and sheet...

Hidden in Plain Sight: Monitoring Shipwrecks in the Atlantic Waters of St. Augustine, Florida (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only P. Brendan Burke.

The preservation of submerged heritage in Northeast Florida benefits from poor diving conditions and a lack of awareness of submerged site locations in the region. Overshadowed by the well-known treasure wrecks along Florida’s Treasure Coast and the Florida Keys, the northeastern portion of the state still maintains some of the oldest shipwrecks in North America. As part of the First Coast Maritime Archaeology Project, archaeologists from the Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program, the...