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An Archaeological Evaluation of a Fuel Tank Construction Project Site near Bartlett Dam, Maricopa County, Arizona (1985)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lyle M. Stone.

On March 21, 1985, Lyle M. Stone of Archaeological Research Services, Inc. (ARS) performed an archaeological survey at the proposed location for the construction of a 300 gallon fuel tank on U.S. Forest Service (Tonto National Forest, Cave Creek Ranger District) land near Bartlett Dam, Maricopa County, Arizona. The fuel tank will be constructed by Salt River Project (SRP) and will supply fuel to an adjacent 80 kwh diesel generator which will be constructed inside the north end of the "bunkhouse"...

A Look At Violence In A Western Mining District (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert McQueen.

Mining districts are inherently violent places. Deaths, accidents, and injuries are topics that appear liberally in historic literature; period newspapers almost gleefully reported on deaths caused by accidents and foul play. Suicide, however, was a form of death often accompanied by stigma, and frequently reported with overtones of pity. Rarely does violence manifest itself in the archaeological record. This paper discusses the unexpected discovery of a Depression-era suicide in a central...

"Monarchs of All They See": Identity and the Afterlives of the Frontier in Fort Davis, Texas (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Chandler E Fitzsimons.

Fort Davis, a frontier fort in far west Texas tasked with protecting the Overland Trail to California and fighting Comanche, closed in 1891, leaving behind the ethnically and financially diverse town that had grown up around it. This community struggled to redefine itself economically in the years following the fort’s closure, only to find a new lease on life in the first decades of the 20th century as a tourist destination. In this paper, I examine manifestations of intersectional identity in...