1914-1918 (Temporal Keyword)

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Application of Alternative Light Source to Identify Painted Markings on a Model 1917 Renault French Tank (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Douglas Scott.

A very large battle damaged artifact, a M1917 French Renault tank, at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri was subjected to analysis with an ALS (altenative light source) in order to identify and bring out faded painted markings. The ALS aided in identifying the tank as a vehicle assigned to the First French Tank Regiment. Work witht the ALS also helped more clearly identify the tank maintenance crew as Americans mechanic trainees who scratched their names on the inside of...

A Geospatial and Statistical Analysis of North Carolina’s First World War Naval Battlescape (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Janie R Knutson.

Although the United States was late to enter into the First World War, the waters of the nation became a battlefield by the summer of 1918. Ships operating along North Carolina’s coast recurrently fell victim to the unrestricted U-boat campaign. This paper presents a historical and archaeological study of compiled records of all vessels, infrastructure, civilians, and combatants lost, damaged, or attacked in war-related incidents. This study employs Geographical Information System (GIS) software...