9000 BC-AD 1400 (Temporal Keyword)

1-2 (2 Records)

Amerind Seminar Participants (2016)
IMAGE The Amerind Foundation, Inc..

from left, front, Tim Kohler, Alleen Betzenhauser; from left, back, Rahul Oka, Anna Prentiss, Christian Peterson, Matt Pailes, Mike Smith, Gary Feinman, Amy Bogaard, Elizabeth Stone

Quantifying Ancient Wealth Inequalities
PROJECT Timothy A. Kohler. Michael Smith. The Amerind Foundation, Inc..

This project contains datasets and other resources used in a volume to be published by the University of Arizona Press in 2018 entitled Ten Thousand Years of Inequality: The Archaeology of Wealth Differences, edited by TA Kohler and ME Smith. This volume emanates first from a symposium at the April 2016 Society for American Archaeology meetings entitled Measuring and Explaining Household Inequality in Prehistory: Inequality from the Bottom Up, also organized by Kohler and Smith. That was...