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Current Research on the 1969 Yreka Chinatown Archaeological Excavation and Collection (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah C Heffner.

In 1969, construction of I-5 through Yreka in northern California, threatened to destroy historic building foundations and archaeological deposits associated with Yreka’s Chinese community.  From January to March 1969, State Parks archaeologists conducted a salvage excavation at the location of what was Yreka’s last Chinatown, occupied from 1886 through the 1940s.  This was one of the earliest excavations of a Chinese community in California. Archaeologists recorded nine features and cataloged...

Homestead-Era (ca. 1887-1942) Subsistence on the Pajarito Plateau, New Mexico (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Cyler N. Conrad. Jeremy C Brunette.

Beginning in the 1880s, Hispanic- and Euro-American homesteaders expanded onto the Pajarito Plateau in northern New Mexico. While journals and documentary accounts from visitors and descendants provide insight into the everyday livelihood of these farmers and ranchers, few studies have investigated their shared experience based on examination of physical remains. In this zooarchaeological analysis we identify and quantify the animal remains from several homesteader cabin sites at Los Alamos...