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African Habits: Archaeology of the Saint Joseph Mission, ca. 1863-1940 (Ngasobil, Senegal) (2020)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Johanna A. Pacyga.

This is a paper/report submission presented at the 2020 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Mission archaeology often identifies a dichotomy between missionaries and indigenous populations. This dynamic is complicated in the case of nineteenth-century French missionization in Senegal where local converts were increasingly relied upon as missionaries themselves. Drawing on archaeological and archival research, this paper focuses on the African Daughters of the Holy Heart of...

Mapping the Mines, Part 1: Terrestrial LiDAR (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert W. McQueen. Shaun Richey.

Digital mapping is the trending technology for just about any archaeological fieldwork project. While many universities (and their impassioned students) have access to this new technology and can play with it ad nauseam, its introduction to CRM projects is not as forthcoming as some would like (including CRM practitioners and nascent drone companies). Like all emerging technologies, questions abound about which technology to use, effective application for the task at hand, and most importantly,...

Mapping the Mines, Part 2: UAS Application (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Shaun Richey. Robert W. McQueen.

The use of unmanned aerial systems (aka drones) as part of archaeological survey is becoming more common. This approach holds promise for visually describing the complexity of mining landscapes at a level of detail not available to most aerial imagery. However, the methods and resulting data generated with this approach require closer scrutiny. The variety of technological options available for both the UAS, and for post-processing software, creates difficulty in developing a consistent approach...