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Creator(s): Melissa Kruse-Peeples

Year: 2012


Decorated Ceramics Data Sheet

The Eastern Mimbres Archaeological Project (EMAP), co-directed by Drs. Margaret Nelson and Michelle Hegmon began in 1990, building upon earlier work by Nelson. EMAP focuses on the later (post-AD 1000) prehistory of the eastern Mimbres area, a portion of the Mimbres region in southwest New Mexico. In 1982 Nelson was at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque and in the early 1990s at the State University of New York, Buffalo, and Hegmon was at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces. In 1995 both moved to Arizona State University, where they and the project reside today. Earlier work by EMAP focused on the post-AD 1150 period, specifically what is now called the Reorganization phase [1150-early 1200s] of the Postclassic period. After 1998 the project focused on the Classic period (AD 1000-1130). Key research issues include the social and ecological dynamics of reorganization, residential mobility among farmers, environmental impact and sustainable farming practices, pottery production and exchange, and community organization.

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Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1 Mogollon R/B
2 Three Circle R/W
3 Three Circle R/W / Mimbres Style I B/W
4 Mimbres Style I B/W Mimbres WW
5 Mimbres Style I / II B/W Mimbres WW
6 Mimbres Style II B/W Mimbres WW
7 Mimbres Style II / III B/W Mimbres WW
8 Mimbres Style III B/W Mimbres WW
9 Mimbres Polychrome Mimbres WW
10 Indeterminate Mimbres WW Mimbres WW
11 Socorro B/W
12 Chupadero B/W
13 Tabira Black-on-white
14 Socorro-Chupadero B/W
15 Reserve-Tularosa B/W Cibola WW
16 Red Mesa Black-on-white
17 Puerco Black-on-white
18 Reserve B/W Cibola WW
19 Tularosa B/W Cibola WW
20 Indeterminate Cibola WW Cibola WW
21 Puerco B/R White Mountain RW
22 Wingate B/R White Mountain RW
23 Wingate Poly White Mountain RW
24 St. Johns B/R White Mountain RW
25 St. Johns Poly White Mountain RW
26 Heshotauthla B/R White Mountain RW
27 Heshotauthla Poly White Mountain RW
28 Kwakina Poly White Mountain RW
29 Indeterminate White Mountain RW White Mountain RW
30 Indeterminate red-painted unknown
31 Gila Poly Roosevelt RW
32 El Paso Bi/Poly El Paso BW
33 Lincoln B/R
34 Indeterminate Red-on-terracotta
35 Three Rivers Red-on-terracotta
36 Jornada Red-on-brown
37 Indeterminate Black-on-brown unknown
38 Jornada Poly
39 Babicora Poly
40 Ramos Poly
41 Indeterminate Casas Grandes Poly
42 Rio Grande Glaze A
43 Indeterminate Chihuahuan Ware
46 Indeterminate Rio Grande Glaze Ware
47 Indeterminate Rio Grande Matte Ware
48 Ideterminate WW unknown
49 Indeterminate Chihuahuan Ware
51 Fugitive Redware unknown
52 San Francisco Red
53 Other Redware
54 Indeterminate Roosevelt RW Roosevelt RW
55 Playas Red
56 Red Corrugated
59 Indeterminate Red
60 Plain Brownware
61 Smudged/Polished Brown
62 Unsmudged/Well Polished Brown
65 Incised Brownware
66 Punched Brownware
67 Scored Brownware
68 Appliqued Brownware
69 Unidentified Text Brownware
70 Alma Neckbanded
71 Clapboard Corrugated Brown
72 Smudged Interior
73 Flattened Corrugated, Smudged Interior
74 Flattened Corrugated, Unsmudged
75 Smeared Relief Corrugated
76 Punched Corrugated
77 Incised Corrugated
78 Claboard/Indented Corrugated
79 Indented Corrugated, Unsmudged
80 Indented Corrugated, Smudged
81 Incised/Indented Corrugated
82 Obliterated Corrugated, unsmudged
83 Seco Corrugated
84 Patterned Corrugated
85 Reserve Punched Corrugated
86 Talar. Fillet Rim
88 Obliterated Corrugated, smudged
90 El Paso Plain Brown
92 Plain Grayware
93 Corrugated Grayware
94 Indented Corrugated Grayware
96 Indeterminate Plainware
99 Indeterminate Ware
101 Cliff Poly Roosevelt RW
102 Cliff Red
103 Cliff W/R
104 Ninemile Poly
105 Dinwiddie Poly
106 Maverick Mountain B/R
107 Maverick Mountain Poly
108 Tucson B/R
109 Tucson Poly
110 Pinedale B/W Cibola WW
111 Tularosa-Pinedale B/W Cibola WW
112 Indeterminate B/W (glaze paint) unknown
113 Carbon-painted B/W
114 Indeterminate Zuni Glazeware
115 Tonto Poly Roosevelt RW
116 Gila-Tonto Poly Roosevelt RW
117 Tularosa W/R
118 McDonald Painted Corrugated
120 Carretas Poly
121 Villa Ahumada Poly
122 Trincheras Purple-on-red
Code Type Ware
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings

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