Pena Blanca taxa

Part of the Pena Blanca faunal remains project

Creator(s): Nancy Akins

Year: 2012


Pena Blanca fauna taxa coding

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Pena Blanca taxa. Nancy Akins. 2012 ( tDAR id: 376480) ; doi:10.6067/XCV81C1W5C

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Ontology: Fauna Taxon Ontology - Southwest US

Category: Fauna

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1 unknown small indeterminate class: small animal
2 unknown indeterminate class
3 small mammal/medium to large bird indeterminate class: small animal
5 unknown mammal Mammalia
10 small mammal (<= jackrabbit) Small Mammal
15 small to medium mammal (< sheep) Small-Medium Mammal
18 medium mammal (> jackrabbit < sheep) Medium Mammal
20 medium to large mammal (> sheep) Medium-Large Mammal
30 large mammal (sheep to deer size) Large Mammal
35 very large mammal (larger than deer) Very Large Mammal
101 small Sciuridae (small squirrel) Sciuridae
114 Spermophilus spilosoma (spotted ground squirrel) Spermophilus spilosoma
115 Spermophilus variegatus (rock squirrel) Spermophilus variegatus
118 Cynomys ludovicianus (black-tailed prairie dog) Cynomys ludovicianus
119 Cynomys gunnisoni (Gunnison=s prairie dog) Cynomys gunnisoni
127 Thomomys bottae (Botta=s pocket gopher) Thomomys bottae
131 Pappogeomys castanops (yellow-faced pocket gopher) Pappogeomys castanops
132 Perognathus sp. (pocket mice) Perognathus sp
140 Dipodomys ordii (Ord's kangaroo rat) Dipodomys ordii
141 Dipodomys spectabilis (banner-tailed kangaroo rat) Dipodomys spectabilis
143 Castor canadensis (beaver) Castor canadensis
144 Cricetidae Cricetidae
148 Peromyscus sp. Peromyscus sp
158 Onychomys leucogaster (northern grasshopper mouse) Onychomys leucogaster
163 Neotoma sp. woodrats Neotoma sp
165 Neotoma albigula (white-throated woodrat) Neotoma albigula
167 Neotoma mexicana (Mexican woodrat) Neotoma mexicana
168 Neotoma cinerea (bushy-tailed woodrat) Neotoma cinerea
187 small rodent Small Mammal: Rodent-sized
188 medium to large rodent Small Mammal: Rodent-sized
204 Sylvilagus nuttallii (Nuttall=s cottontail) Sylvilagus nuttallii
205 Sylvilagus audubonii (desert cottontail) Sylvilagus audubonii
208 Lepus californicus (black-tailed jack rabbit) Lepus californicus
302 medium carnivore (badger to canid) Caniformia
303 large carnivore (wolf to bear) Large Carnivora
311 Canis sp. (dog coyote Canis sp
312 Canis latrans (coyote) Canis latrans
313 Canis familiaris (dog) Canis familiaris
321 Urdus americanus (black bear) Ursus americanus
335 Mustela frenata (long-tailed weasel) Mustela frenata
340 Taxidea taxus (badger) Taxidea taxus
372 Felis rufus (bobcat) Lynx rufus
403 medium artiodactyl (deer pronghorn Medium-sized artiodactyl
404 large artiodactyl (elk or bison size) Artiodactyla
405 medium to large artiodactyl Artiodactyla
408 Cervidae Cervidae
409 Cervus elaphus (elk) Cervus elaphus
411 Odocoileus hemionus (mule deer) Odocoileus hemionus
420 Antilocapra americana (pronghorn) Antilocapra americana
450 Bos bison (bison) Bison bison
451 Bos (bison or cattle) Bison/Bos
471 Ovis/Capra (domestic sheep or goat) Ovis/Capra
480 Equus sp. Equus sp
488 medium bird medium aves
489 large bird large aves
490 medium to large bird medium aves
491 very large bird (turkey or larger) very large aves
499 bird egg shell Aves
529 Anatinae (surface-feeding ducks) Anatinae
558 Accipiter striatus (sharp-shinned hawk) Accipiter striatus
570 Aquila chrysaetos (golden eagle) Aquila chrysaetos
576 Falco mexicanus (prairie falcon) Falco mexicanus
579 Falco columbarius (merlin) Falco columbarius
580 Falco sparverisu (American kestrel) Falco sparverius
589 Callipepla squamata (scaled quail) Callipepla squamata
594 Meleagris gallopovo (turkey) Meleagris gallopavo
596 Grus canadensis (sandhill crane) Grus canadensis
667 Bubo virginianus (great horned owl) Bubo virginianus
689 Colaptes auratus (yellow or red-shafted flicker) Colaptes auratus
726 Eremophila alpestris (horned lark) Eremophila alpestris
772 Sturnella neglecta (Western meadowlark) Sturnella neglecta
776 Passeriformes Passeriformes
791 Chrysemys picata (painted turtle) Chrysemys picta
798 Terrapene ornata (ornate box turtle) Terrapene ornata
811 Sauria (lizards) Iguania
812 Phrynosoma sp. (horned lizards) Phrynosoma sp
813 Cnemidophorus sp. (whiptails) Cnemidophorus sp
820 Ophidia (snakes) Serpentes
825 Colubridae (nonvenomous snakes) Colubridae
870 Salienta (frogs and toads) Anura
873 Spea bombifrons (Plains spadefoot) Spea bombifrons
874 Spea multiplicata (New Mexico spadefoot) Spea multiplicata
880 Bufonidae (true toads) Anaxyrus
883 Bufo cognatus (Great Plains toad) Anaxyrus cognatus
884 Bufo cognatus or woodhouseii Anaxyrus
885 Bufo punctatus (red-spotted toad) Anaxyrus punctatus
886 Bufo cognatus or punctatus Anaxyrus
888 Bufo woodhousii (Woodhouse's toad) Anaxyrus woodhousii
894 Rana pipiens (northern leopard frog) Lithobates pipiens
910 Catostomidae (suckers) Catostomus sp
913 Itiobus bubalusr (small mouth buffalofish) Ictiobus bubalus
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