Hasanlu Bone (side/bone/time) Coding Sheet

Year: 2013


Coding sheet for Appendix 7

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Hasanlu Bone (side/bone/time) Coding Sheet. 2013 ( tDAR id: 394632) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8V125WH

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Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
A (Side) (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
C Central (Side) (Bone) (Time)
CA Central (Side) (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CF Central (Side) Frontal (Bone) (Time)
CFA Central (Side) Frontal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CFP Central (Side) Frontal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CM Central (Side) Mandible (Bone) (Time)
CMA Central (Side) Mandible (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CMP Central (Side) Mandible (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CN Central (Side) Nasal (Bone) (Time)
CNA Central (Side) Nasal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CNP Central (Side) Nasal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CO Central (Side) Occipital (Bone) (Time)
COA Central (Side) Occipital (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
COP Central (Side) Occipital (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CP Central (Side) Parietal (Bone) (Time)
CPA Central (Side) Parietal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CPP Central (Side) Parietal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CT Central (Side) Temporal (Bone) (Time)
CTA Central (Side) Temporal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CTP Central (Side) Temporal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CX Central (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) (Time)
CXA Central (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CXP Central (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
CZ Central (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) (Time)
CZA Central (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
CZP Central (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
F (Side) Frontal (Bone) (Time)
FA (Side) Frontal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
FP (Side) Frontal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
L Left (Side) (Bone) (Time)
LA Left (Side) (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LF Left (Side) Frontal (Bone) (Time)
LFA Left (Side) Frontal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LFP Left (Side) Frontal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LM Left (Side) Mandible (Bone) (Time)
LMA Left (Side) Mandible (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LMP Left (Side) Mandible (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LN Left (Side) Nasal (Bone) (Time)
LNA Left (Side) Nasal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LNP Left (Side) Nasal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LO Left (Side) Occipital (Bone) (Time)
LOA Left (Side) Occipital (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LOP Left (Side) Occipital (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LP Left (Side) Parietal (Bone) (Time)
LPA Left (Side) Parietal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LPP Left (Side) Parietal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LT Left (Side) Temporal (Bone) (Time)
LTA Left (Side) Temporal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LTP Left (Side) Temporal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LX Left (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) (Time)
LXA Left (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LXP Left (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
LZ Left (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) (Time)
LZA Left (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
LZP Left (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
M (Side) Mandible (Bone) (Time)
MA (Side) Mandible (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
MP (Side) Mandible (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
N (Side) Nasal (Bone) (Time)
NA (Side) Nasal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
NP (Side) Nasal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
O (Side) Occipital (Bone) (Time)
OA (Side) Occipital (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
OP (Side) Occipital (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
P (Side) Parietal (Bone) (Time)
PA (Side) Parietal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
PP (Side) Parietal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
R Right (Side) (Bone) (Time)
RA Right (Side) (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RF Right (Side) Frontal (Bone) (Time)
RFA Right (Side) Frontal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RFP Right (Side) Frontal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RM Right (Side) Mandible (Bone) (Time)
RMA Right (Side) Mandible (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RMP Right (Side) Mandible (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RN Right (Side) Nasal (Bone) (Time)
RNA Right (Side) Nasal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RNP Right (Side) Nasal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RO Right (Side) Occipital (Bone) (Time)
ROA Right (Side) Occipital (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
ROP Right (Side) Occipital (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RP Right (Side) Parietal (Bone) (Time)
RPA Right (Side) Parietal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RPP Right (Side) Parietal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RT Right (Side) Temporal (Bone) (Time)
RTA Right (Side) Temporal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RTP Right (Side) Temporal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RX Right (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) (Time)
RXA Right (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RXP Right (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
RZ Right (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) (Time)
RZA Right (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
RZP Right (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
T (Side) Temporal (Bone) (Time)
TA (Side) Temporal (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
TP (Side) Temporal (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
X (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) (Time)
XA (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
XP (Side) Maxlilla (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
Z (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) (Time)
ZA (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Antemortam (Time)
ZP (Side) Zygomatic (Bone) Perimotem (Time)
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet

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