Soil Systems, Inc. Inhumation Grave Planview Shape Coding Sheet

Year: unknown


Codes indicate general grave shape in planview. They are from theSSI inhumation form, last revised in 2004.

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Soil Systems, Inc. Inhumation Grave Planview Shape Coding Sheet. ( tDAR id: 6339) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8028QF4

Category: Human Burial

Coding Rules

Code Term Description Mapped Ontology Node
1 Subrectangular Rectangular but with slightly rounded edges
2 Parallel-sided Ends more rounded than subrectangular
3 Oval
4 Expanding Width greater at one end than at the other
5 Amorphous Irregular boundaries
15 Other
99 Indeterminate
Code Term Description
Special Coding Rules: These entries are not in the coding-sheet, but represent edge-cases in Data Integration that may benefit from custom mappings
The following coding rules exist in datasets mapped to this coding sheet, but are not in the coding sheet

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